Libra White Paper LIBRA (LIBRA) Libra is Facebook’s soon to be release currency. Download
Bgogo White Paper BGOGO (BGG) Bgogo is a proof of stake for the trading infrastructure. Download
Vanm White Paper VANM (VANM) Vanm is a local search engine for products and services. Download
Seele White Paper SEELE (SEELE) Seele is a platform that spearheads the Internet of Value era. Download
Orbs White Paper ORBS (ORB) Orbs is a practical blockchain solution. Download
Novam White Paper Novam (MNVM) Novam a cryptographic currency based on blockchain technology. Download
Mixin White Paper Mixin (XIN) Mixin is a free peer-to-peer transactional network. Download
Metronome White Paper Metronome (MET) Metronome is built on Self-Governance, Reliability, and Portability. Download
Metahash White Paper Metahash (MHC) Metahash next-generation network based on the Blockchain 4.0 technology. Download
Membrana White Paper Membrana (MBN) Membrana brings investors & traders together for concluding contracts. Download
Horizen White Paper Horizen (ZEN) Horizen is a leading-edge cryptocurrency technology ecosystem. Download
Gexan White Paper Gexan (GEX) Gexan is a blockchain lottery. Download
Faireum White Paper Faireum (FAIC) Faireum focuses on the problems of the online gambling. Download
Elrond White Paper Elrond (ERD) Elrond Secure Proof of Stake and Adaptive State Sharding. Download
Cures Token White Paper Cures Token (CURES) Cures is providing a decentralized health care system. Download
Coti White Paper Coti (COTI) COTI is a blockchain protocol optimized for decentralized payments. Download
Litecoin White Paper Litecoin (LTC) Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and open-source software project. Download
Z Cash White Paper Z Cash (ZEC) Zcash cryptography provides enhanced privacy for its users. Download
Dent Coin White Paper Dent (DENT) Global marketplace that allows you to purchase and sell units of mobile data. Download
Augur White Paper Augur (REP) A peer-to-peer, open source, and trustless oracle and prediction market platform. Download
Cardano White Paper Cardano (ADA) Decentralised open source public blockchain and cryptocurrency project. Download
EOS Coin White Paper EOS (EOS) A blockchain platform for the development of decentralized applications. Download
IOTA White Paper IOTA (MIOTA) Simplifies transactions and processes involving objects that have sensors. Download
Monero White Paper Monero (XMR) A cryptocurrency which focuses on being untraceable and private. Download
PIVX White Paper PIVX (PIVX) A privacy-centric Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency forked from DASH. Download
Tezos Coin White Paper Tezos (XTZ) A Ethereum-like blockchain that hosts dApps and smart contracts. Download
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