Bitcoin Transaction Map

A bitcoin exchange is a digital marketplace where traders can buy and sell bitcoins using different fiat currencies or alt coins. A bitcoin currency exchange is an online platform that acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency.

Crypto Exchanges
A cryptocurrency exchange, or it can also be referred to as a digital currency exchange (DCE). The crypto exchange is a web-service that provides customer services to freely exchange crypto currency transactions into other alt coins or fiat currencies. The exchange platforms will only work online, providing electronic transactions and charging transactional fees for those trades. There are decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges that exclusively operate using prepaid smart contracts instead of digital currencies. We have compliled a very comprehensive list of crypto exchanges and links to their services.

ABCC: Singapore based Digital Asset Exchange.
BCEX: An exchange based in Hong Kong.
BHEX: Malta based exchange.
Bibox: AI technology based exchange.
BigONE: Crypto trading platform.
BiKi: Headquartered in Singapore.
Bilaxy: Registered in the Republic of Seychelles.
Binance: World’s leading crypto exchange.
BitAsset: Hong Kong based exchange.
Bitbank: Japan based exchange.
BitBay: European based crypto exchange. Bitcoin exchange you can trust.
Bitfinex: Full-featured spot trading platform.
bitFlyer: Trusted cryptocurrency exchange.
BitForex: Is an exchange headquartered in Singapore.
Bithumb: Reliable blockchain platform.
BitMart: Global Digital Asset Trading Platform.
BitMax: Singapore registered exchange.
BitRabbit: Digital asset exchange in Australia.
Bitrue: Advanced online trading platform.
Bitstamp: European Union based bitcoin marketplace.
Bittrex: America’s leading blockchain technology.
BitUBU: Altcoin Trading Platform.
BitZ: Hong Kong based exchange.
BKEX: British Virgin Islands based exchanged.
BTC-Alpha: European cryptocurrency exchange. Bitcoin mobile trading platform.
Cat.Ex: Transaction Mining Exchange.
CBX: Digital asset trading platform.
ChainX: Korean based exchange.
CHAOEX: Hong Kong based exchange.
Coinall: Leading digital asset exchange.
Coinbase Pro: Used by millions of customers globally.
Coinbit: Popular digital currency trading platforms today.
Coineal: Global crypto curreny exchange.
CoinEx: UK based exchange.
CoinField:Vancouver, BC based exchange.
Coinlim: A centralized exchange.
Coinone: South Korean based exchange.
Coinsbit: Multi cryptocurrency exchange platform.
Coinsuper: Hong Kong-based crypto-asset exchange.
CoinTiger: Singapore based exchange
Cryptonex UK based exchange.
Dcoin: Global cryptocurrency exchange platform.
Dex-Trade: Centralized exchange based in Santiago, Chile.
DigiFinex: Trade volume and market listings.
DOBI Exchange: Cryptocurrency exchange based in China.
DragonEX: Digital exchange based in Singapore.
Ecxx: Singapore based digital exchange.
EtherFlyer: Decentralized exchange built on Ethereum.
Exrates: Trades volume and market listings.
ExtStock: Centralized cryptocurrency exchange.
EXX: Digital globally secure trading platform.
Fatbtc: A secure blockchain exchange.
: Global P2P cryptocurreny trading exchange.
Folgory: Buy and sell cryptocurrency.
–G– Exchange platform which supports BTC.
Gemini: Licensed US Bitcoin and Ether exchange.
HCoin: A trading platform registered in Seychelles.
HitBTC: Advanced cryptocurrency exchange.
Hotbit: Professional digital asset exchange.
Hubi: World’s largest digital asset trading service.
IndoEx: Provides 200 kinds of digital currency assets.
Kraken: Trade between BTC, euros & US Dollars.
Kryptono: Crypto platform for everyone.
KuCoin: Advanced & secure cryptocurrency exchange.
LATOKEN: Providing liquidity for new digital assets.
LBank: One of the older crypto exchanges.
MXC: A reliable cryptocurrency exchange.
OceanEx: Decent liquidity & Global support.
OKCoin: We’re A Trusted Crypto Trading Pioneer.
OKEx: High liquitidy and cold storage technologies.
Omgfin: Centralized exchange based in Estonia.
P2PB2B: Boasts an astonishing 700+ trading pairs.
Paribu: Centralized exchange based in Turkey.
PayBito: A bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange.
Poloniex: The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges.
ProBit Exchange: The ultimate trading experience.
RightBTC: World’s leading digital asset exchange.
Shortex: Leading digital exchange for everyone.
Simex: Access 1500 of listed tokens.
Sistemkoin: Cryptocurrency exchange based in Turkey.
STEX: Trade on the go, anywhere, anytime.
TOKOK: Global & professional Cryptocurrency Exchange.
Upbit: Trade various altcoins conveniently.
VCC Exchange: A crypto-crypto & VND-crypto exchange.
VinDAX: Centralized exchange based in Vietnam.
WhiteBIT: Leading Secure Trading Platform.
YoBit: Buy and sell DASH (DASH).
ZB.COM: Reliable digital assets exchange.
ZBG: Sub-brand website of ZB.COM.

Other Bitcoin Transaction Mapping Sites – Fiat Leak displays a real-time government flow of fiat money being converted into bitcoin and alt cryptos via any of the worldwide crypto exchanges. Using an alt coin’s symbol that is displayed out of a currency flag into the country where the transaction was completed. Visitors need to select the cryptocurrency they want to track, and watch the transactions happen in real time. –’s Tx Watch has two digital “highways” showing how BTC and BCH transactions move across the digital map. The transaction sizes are rated in USD from “Micro” to “Mega Whale,” and the different-sized channels are covering the block size limits of Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This is a great site for someone who is new to the bitcoin and alt coin space. – Search the entire planet a of reachable cryptocurrency nodes. All of the nodes are color-coded by IP address, syncing status, and uptime. You can click on any section to view crypto ranking and other bitcoin transaction map info. provides a ton of crypto node data, the display is very colorful and zoomable.

The Bitcoin Transaction Digital mapping is a process by which a collection of data is compiled and formatted into a digital image. The main function of the digital mapping technology is to produce maps that give accurate exchange transactions of a specific Bitcoin purchase or sale, detailing major exchanges and other points of interest. The current technology is provided by Whale Alert.