Golem Digital Coin (GNT)

Golem Digital Coin (GNT)ARK’s Digital Coin, has a role as an Airbnb for computing-processing power, enables machines around the world to transact with each other. Excess computing power will soon be used by data scientists, companies training machine-learning algorithms and more. Golem had an ICO in November, and its tokens have already appreciated 4,425%.

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GNTs aren’t actually traded on the Golem Network itself. Ethereum makes it so easy to create tokens that the Golem Network (like many other networks) uses an Ethereum “smart contract” to trade GNT. The CGI artist’s transactions are recorded onto the Ethereum blockchain, which updates the account balances of each computer that participated.

The Golem Management Team
The Golem coin is supported by the team of more than a dozen that actively works and monitors the technology and are continually upgrading the Golem technology. A few of them arE:

Julian Zawistowski – CEO & Founder
Piotr Janiuk – CTO & Co-Founder
Andrzej Regulski – COO & Co-Founder
Aleksandra Skrzypczak – LSE & Co-Founder
Marek Franciszkiewicz – Senior Software Engineer
And many others

As we can see a group of Golem experts are supporting the technology and the blockchain with the latest features and improving within minutes. This will support the Golem network to grow even more and due to this the value of Golem (GNT) coin is appreciate in the near future.

This framework consists a set of requirements which a developer has to follow while implementing a transaction model for their Golem application. Golem is extremely powerful and completely decentralized. It’s a global network which connects everything from personal laptops to data centers.

The best part of a project such as a golem network being decentralized is that it can never be monopolized. This technology is a huge step towards the future and eventually when it’ll be combined with advances of new age technologies such as IPFS/Filecoin, Whisper, Swarm, DEVp2p and Ethereum it’ll substitute the existing data centers that are currently powering the internet. All direct competitors of golem network are centralized and given the nature and functionality of golem, its rivals cannot measure up to Golem’s price or power.

Golem coin is also known with the ticker GNT. In a nut shell, Golem coin in a Worldwide Supercomputer which can be used by all for supply of power and data, it connects with all easily and at cheaper rate. Golem blockchain technology is based on Ethereum network.