PIVX Digital Coin (PIVX)

PIVX Digital Coin (PIVX)The PIVX digital coin is a transactional security and privacy-focused decentralized open source cryptocurrency. PIVX is a form of digital online currency that can be easily transferred all around the world in a blink of an eye with nearly non-existent transfer fees. You can convert your country’s currency into PIVX and earn interest just by holding, trade on an exchange or buy goods or services where it is accepted.

The Difference in PIVX
1. PIVX is the first proof of stake cryptocurrency with a Zerocoin protocol level anonymity, thus making it truly fungible. Read this, this, and this for more details on the Zerocoin protocol.

The Zerocoin Protocol uses a cryptographic method known as the Zero-Knowledge proof. It enables a party to prove that a given financial transaction – as in the case of PIVX – is true to another party without conveying any information to the public apart from the fact that the money was indeed sent or received.

2. PIVX has all the features of DASH including masternodes and instant and private transactions but with an improved POS 3.0 protocol mechanism. (Read about these features in detail in our DASH article.)

3. PIVX uses SwifTX technology to achieve near instant transaction confirmations in less than a second to overcome double spending challenges. This feature isn’t used in most cryptocurrencies yet.

4. PIVX is an open-source, self-funded, and self-governed cryptocurrency project with no controversies such as instant mine and pre-mine strategies.

5. PIVX gives earning opportunities to its users by allowing them to stake their holdings in a masternode or a staking wallet. Currently, there are no other popular cryptocurrencies that give incentives to its users for both staking and running a masternode. (Read this to know more about PIVX masternodes and staking.)

6. PIVX uses a unique seesaw algorithm to balance its reward distribution between masternodes and staking nodes. (Read more white-paper.)

The main goal of PIVX is to achieve near instant private transactions and a governance that helps sustain the network for the benefit of all of the users involved. While we are well on our way to achieving this, some of the features are under development and should appear in the near future.

PIVX has an open task and development environment and a highly accessible development team utilizing multiple social networking channels, including social media. The development team is welcoming of anyone and everyone to join its cause, regardless of technical expertise. We encourage people to just go ahead and do things rather than having lots of gatekeepers or a hierarchical structure where permissions are required to move forward.

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